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The Web the Way It Was MEANT TO BE !!
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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein
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Pinto Computer Systems is located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania providing custom web applications and hosting services for a wide variety of businesses, organizations, government clients and individuals since 1996. Bob Anderson has worked with computers since 1970.

Having helped to create the Y2K Problem, by using 2 digit years in a date string in the COBOL / IMS world, he moved on to the Personal Computer world in 1981. Writing PC-based programs for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Accounting and Banking industries, in every language from BASIC to Visual BASIC, C to Visual C++, to PowerBuilder, to Visual FoxPro, he chose to dedicate all of his efforts to the Internet/Intranet. The difference is that when a web site is built, it should be intuitive enough, and robust enough that the user can maintain the site WITHOUT having to pay a programmer everytime they want to change something on their site. This is especially important to restaurants, bars and online vendors whose inventory/menu may change on a daily basis. Giving the owner of the site complete freedom to make changes is the key to all of the sites developed by Pinto Computer Systems.

While the sites may be totally user-maintained, Bob is more than happy to provide WebMaster Services until the user is comfortable enough to do it themselves. This is offered at an extremely reasonable price!

Specializing in Web Applications that YOU control !!!

Design your own pages - Upload New Images - Change Text on Your Pages - WITHOUT a Programmer !!!!
Web Design - Programming - Robust Database Capabilities - Online Shopping Cart & Catalog - PayPal Enabled - Hosting - WebMaster Services and MUCH, MUCH, MORE !!!

The Web the Way It Was MEANT TO BE !!

      How We Got The Name    

Pinto Computer Systems got it's name because Bob had the brilliant idea to put a 400 horsepower V-8 in a Ford Pinto in 1987! It took 4 years, but the results were really worth it! The car is sharp, clean, and FAST !

The car has a 60-over 302 engine, a big cam, a Demon 4-barrel carb, a built C-4 transmission, Ford 9-inch rear end, a custom interior, a custom paint job, Cragar mags and HUGE tires!

It has won numerous trophies at car shows all around Southwestern Pennsylvania and NEVER fails to turn heads wherever it goes!

The REALLY COOL part is that it will simply burn the tires off of the rear wheels, when you stick your foot in it!

Click Here for a big picture of the car.

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The Car!
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